From 3th to 11th of July of 2021 , Benarrabá, Málaga

Deadline to apply: Sunday, 20th June 2021

“No More Hate” is a project with the main aim of raising awareness among young people about the importance of fighting against the promotion of hate. We want to motivate people to act, to fight against this hatred. To fight for a more fairest and equal society for everyone. During the youth exchange we will work on a series of closely related topics:
• Extremism
• Hate speech
• Xenophobia and racism
• Media manipulation, fake news and hoaxes
• Social inclusion
• Human rights


Explore with the participants the origins, causes and consequences of extreme ideologies, such as racism and xenophobia, among others.
• Increase participants’ awareness of the importance of fighting against the consequences of extreme ideologies.
• Provide participants with the knowledge and tools to learn to identify and dismantle hate speech.
• Explore with participants about media manipulation and provide them with the necessary tools to identify and dismantle both media manipulation and false news or hoaxes.
• Increase participants’ awareness of the need for social inclusion in our societies, fostering their empathy, equity and inclusion against the promotion of hate.


During the youth exchange, we will carry out different activities based on non-formal education, relying on the theory of learning through experience. Activities such as roleplay, debates, team building, drills, and others, where we will promote teamwork and cooperation.
The final activity of the exchange will be the creation and representation of plays of theater where the participants reflect the theme of the project and send a message of awareness. Participants will be divided into multicultural teams and each team will create and represent their own work.
The common language during the project will be English.

Date and Venue

The youth exchange will take place in the village of Benarrabá, located in the mountain range of Ronda, in the province of Málaga, Spain. You can find some info about the village in the following link:

The youth exchange will have a duration of 9 days (including the travel days) from the 3rd to 11th of July of 2021. The 3rd and 11th of are arrival and departure days, respectively.
Participants will stay in Benarrabá Hostel (


36 participants in total from Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania, Croatia and Spain.
Each country team will be composed of 5 participants and 1 team leader.
We are looking for young people from 18 to 30 years old that are interested in the topic and have the motivation and energy to participate, giving their full, in all the activities. Youngsters with experience in the field of theater will be positively appreciated for their participation in the youth exchange.
National teams must try to respect the gender balance in their participants, at least in a proportion of 40%-60%

More Info:

Summer in Benarrabá means high temperature during the day, so bring summer clothes that help you to stay fresh, and also bring a hat for those activities that we will do outside of the activity room! During the night it may be a bit more cold, you won’t
freeze! don’t worry, but bring a jacket or a hoodie if you want to have night walks.
Bring also confortable shoes, we may go for a hiking route!
Remember to bring with you the European Sanitary Card! if you don’t have it, start to order it, so you will get it before coming to the exchange. Don’t forget your medicines if you need it! There is a pharmacy in the village in the case you need to buy it. Also
don’t forget your mask and a hydroalcoholic gel for yourself.
2Europia is aware of the importance of taking care of our planet. To reduce the use of plastic during the youth exchange, every participant must bring their own mug that you will use during the coffee breaks, so choose your favourite one and bring it with

We are waiting for you!!

If your are interested in participating, click on the folowing form: