Deadline to apply: Sunday, 5th June 2021

We are looking for 4 participants + 1 group leader for the Youth Exchange “#StayAtHome” which will take place in Poland, from 4th to 11th of July 2021.

The main purpose of the project is to discuss and exchange good practices on how young Europeans deal with crisis situations that require them to change their lifestyle and daily habits. The project was created because young people want to share with their peers from other European countries their experiences of handling a crisis situation related to the coronavirus pandemic and adjusting to a new daily routine. The exchange involves discussion, workshops and sharing of good practices related to their own experiences.
Participants will record a series of short videos in the TikTok app, reflecting the good practices they have developed in dealing with both the pandemic itself and the preventive actions in the face of the public order threat we experienced during
the spread of the coronavirus.


Workshop for a group of young people to learn about each country’s mutual experiences during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to gain competencies in creating public awareness campaigns. This part will consist of a series of workshops led by individual participants from partner countries, based on their presentations, which participants were asked to make at the preparation stage.

Meetings with specialists in the fields of health safety, education and marketing, who will conduct interactive workshops with participants on how to effectively counter risks and run social campaigns. The workshops will be conducted using design thinking, group work, SWOT technique, which will be interspersed with integration games (outdoors if possible). Participants will be divided into international groups and their task will be to invent physical activities, games, plays.

Meeting with a psychologist who will conduct an interactive workshop with the participants on how to deal with emotions in the face of a situation that forces a change of current habits and lifestyle. The participants, by using the map of emotions, will share their experiences and work out together, thanks to group work, ways of spending free time in a creative way, e.g. quarantine.

Creation of social campaigns – Gliwice: Participants will work in groups to develop a social campaign promoting good practices in their country. Participants will gain knowledge and competences in using new methods of creating social campaigns. During the next two days individual groups will exchange their ideas, comment and give opinions. We will want to design the campaign in such a way that it uses the following elements: Slogan, Leaflet/Brochure/Poster, Videos, Social Marketing, Social Networking, Internet. The campaign will include the creative use of the TikTok app in particular, which will produce a series of 60-second educational videos.
Cultural evenings: Each national group will have the task of preparing its own cultural evening. During the evening, the groups will present basic information about their countries related to history, culture, architecture, art, customs and food. The participants will prepare their national specialities and serve them to the others and will present their national music and dance. We will ask each group to prepare a short presentation describing their countries.
Each group will have to write a script for a short 2-minute film promoting good practices – prevention and creative use of leisure time during quarantine – in their native language. The participants will have to tell what they have learned during the project. The videos will be published on the project Youtube account and social media channels of the participating organisations.
The participants will have to promote the created social campaigns in their local environment

Other Information:
• age: 18-25
• PCR test costs – will be returned after arrival
o (There is possible that people whose had vaccination and have a prove shouldn’t need to do the PCR test. – I will confirm this info before the travel)
• Travel costs: will be returned after arrival (360€ budget for Spain)

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